60% CBD/CBDa Factum Paste


  • 60% CBD/CBDa Paste
  • Contents: 10gr
  • Contains: ≤ 0.2% THC
  • 6000mg CBD in practical Syringe
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Product Description


The concentrated CBD/CBDa Factum paste is a unique product. It is the strongest CBD product on the market. The most user-friendly CBD-product which is easy to dose and can be taken in several ways. Benefits

  • Extremely high CBD concentration
  • Easy to dose
  • 100% legal in all of Europa
  • Cheapest product per mg CBD

The reasons to choose for CBD/CBDa paste are overwhelming! Due to the extremely high CBD concentration, it is by far the most economic product per milligram of CBD. Further, the paste is all-natural because no chemical substances have been added. Different from other CBD oils, the RAW oil is not chemically processed and is produced without heating up the oil. As a result, not just CBD, but CBDa, and substances like antioxidants, CBC, CBG, and CBN are preserved.


The oil has a higher viscosity than normal CBD oil. Simply adjust the dose to your needs. CBD tum paste is an all-natural product. No chemicals have been added and because the oil has not been heated up during the production process, all substances of the cannabis plant are preserved. Hence, this potent CBD product is suitable for everyone, even for children and pets!
RAW CBD: all-natural!

Higher CBD concentration, milder flavor

The CBD flavor is special but is not valued equally by all. There is a possibility to add flavours. During the manufacturing process, some substances — like chlorophyll and non-active waxes — have been removed from the product. Those removed substances cause the strong flavor of CBD oil, hence, this RAW CBD product is much milder.


The concentrated CBD paste is unique among CBD products because it can be used in many different ways. You can simply drip the CBD oil under your tongue, put it on a teaspoon and take it, or place a drop on your finger and smear it under your tongue. Subsequently, leave it there 60 seconds for absorption. You can mix the oil with food or dissolve it in a glass of water (without carbon dioxide).

You can also apply it to the skin. Further, you can use this oil with a vaporizer. And because all harmful substances have been removed from the oil you can even use a pipe for inhaling the oil.

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