CBD Factum and Facebook

Due to the worldwide compulsion of every company to be present on Facebook, I decided in August 2019 to register on Facebook.

After not even two hours, I have seen the message that unusual activities have been registered on the account and my account has been suspended.

I followed dozen times the steps how to unlock the account. Since I never have received a response and my account kept suspended I thought to myself: “Why do I bother with Facebook, a US company that wants to dictate their questionable attitude to the whole world which does not communicate with a client!

I decided not to be another slave and to do without Facebook completely. I also do not have a Facebook account privately and mainly, I cannot identify myself with their business approach, and, I do not visit any third party Facebook pages privately.

So, this is the explanation why CBD Factum doesn’t have a Facebook page.

Director CBD Factum Ltd.